What's New

This is the What's New page for the ESS 590 wiki. Below, please include the name of the page, its general purpose, and your name for record-keeping purposes.

1. Adding Menus - Page on how to add menus (GC)
2. Adding Links - Page on how to add links to articles (GC)
3. What's New - This page (GC)
4. Order Changes - how to change the order of items on main page (LB)
5. Hyperlinked the above pages that were added so you can jump directly from here to new pages (LB)
6. Creating a new category- Page on how to create a new category. (ER)
7. Creating a new section- Page on how to create a new section. (ER)
8.) Adding Pictures guidelines for adding pictures in articles (AW)
9.) Metadata Info- how and why you should include keywords for your article. (AW)
10.) Editing Articles - Page on how to edit text in articles (JF)
11.) Formatting Articles - Page on how to format pictures/text within articles (JF)
12.) Adding categories to top menu- how to place your categories on the frontpage top menu (GC)
13.) Creating a Joomla! Template-Page with Helpful links on creating Joomla! Templates (AW)
14.) Extensions and Components we have (JC)
15.) Extensions and Components we need (JC)
16.) How to use the Component Section EX (JC)
17.) How to use twitter (JC)
18. Obtaining User Information How to see registered users' information and access level.

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