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Welcome to AllVideos Reloaded!
Before inserting local media, first use Joomla's media manager to create two folders named audio and videos in your images/stories folder. Then, use Joomla's media manager to upload your media there. If this does not work initially, you might have to change Joomla's global settings in order to allow upload of other files than just images.

While editing your content, use the new AVR Media button at the bottom of the editor window for inserting media. To embed remote videos from a video sharing site, in the dialog that opens, simply paste the URL of the page displaying the video into the first field, then hit RETURN to start the auto-recognition. If the URL is supported, the rest of the form will be completed automatically. The last field shows the media tag, which can be edited to add custom attributes. Finally, hit the Insert button and the content of this field will be inserted at the current cursor position in the editor.

To insert local media, use the same AVR Media button, but select the Local Media tab. There, you can select one of the previously uploaded media files. After selection of a media file, the rest of the fields should be filled automatically.

For more information - especially before using the advanced features of the component views -, please read the included documentation. Even though AllVideos Reloaded is trying hard to make it easy for you, embedding multi media is a complex matter. For getting the most out of your media, reading documentation is a must. You can invoke the documentation at any time in the plugin description of the Content - AllVideos Reloaded plugin or by clicking the Help button in one of the AllVideos Reloaded component views.
The Demo site provides a collection of useful examples too.

If you need help, you can get it in this discussion thread at the international Joomla forums.
If your favorite video sharing provider is missing or you got an idea about some cool new feature, submit a feature request at the Project Tracker.

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